Slow Agriculture

"I feel it is an obligation to help people understand the relation of food to agriculture and the relationship of food to culture" Alice Waters

'Slow Agriculture', because there are things that need time and agriculture is one of them. 'Innovative Industry', because the development of our rural areas is our big treasure. Caring raw materials reveals the love of the land and job well done.

1 millon por el clima 1 millon por el clima Premios Andalucía de Agricultura y Pesca Andalucia se mueve en Europa


'Eat local, think global'

By the year 2050, we will be 10 billion people on Earth. Nutrition is one of the primary needs and the responsibility of food supply in a sustainable manner is one of the main challenges of modern industry. At Esali Alimentación S.L. we believe that the commitment to responsible production should be the centerpiece of any project, placing value on local crops and products with a global consciousness.



'Preservation and Conservation of an Ancient Heritage'

Andalusia has been home to ancient civilizations. The preservation and conservation of native varieties means not only high quality food production, but the intergenerational transfer of a huge inheritance. Dissemination of traditional farming, skills that are not learnt in books and excellence are part of our vision and our values.



'Knowing our world from the roots'

Our research and innovation projects are aimed to the creation of employment opportunities, opening international markets for Andalusian agriculture and transfer of knowledge.

We develop multi-actor programs on Agriculture, Food Production and Gastro-Culture related to innovation. Improving competitiveness of cultivars, boosting industrial development in rural areas and the transfer of knowledge are the pillars of our R&D projects.

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